Below you can find out more about the benefits of our multi-filtration system, as well as the other benefits of our Pure Water solutions.

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About our Filters

sediment-filterSediment Filter

Pre-sediment filter maximizes the water purification effects by completely removing  various settling, microorgamisms, and oxidized substances to include rust, dirt, sand dust and microscopic inpurites of under 1 miron size.

pre-carbon-filterPre Carbon Filter

The carbon filter that uses activated charcoal makes water close to natural water by absorbing or removing organic chemical substances and odor caused by the chlorination process of making tap water.

post-carbon-filterPost Carbon Filter

As a last stage this filter removes the residual unpleasant smell and maintains the fresh water taste continually throughout its lifecycle.

RO-membrane-filterRO Membrane Filter

The microscopic hole-film is hundreds of thousands of times smaller than human hair and makes you feel at ease by removing carcinogens, heavy metals and agricultural chemicals found in your water.

UF-membrane-filterUF Membrane Filter

Removes bacteria, viruses and minuteparticles by trapping them in the filter.  Ultra Filters do not remove dissolved minerals and salts, but they do remove most other contaminants.

nano-silver-ceramic-filterUV Sterilizer

For complete sterilization Ultra Violet light elimintes harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses in extreme environments.

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