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TW Pure Water Showroom
12229 Rt. 16

Chaffee, NY 14030


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TW Pure Water Technologies, WNY

Many businesses today have stepped up and provided bottled water for their office and staff. If not, they have either thought about it or plan on it in the near future. TW Pure Water Technologies provides a bottled water alternative for WNY. Just like iPad's and smartphones, our TW Pure Water systems are the newest technology!

TW Pure Water is priced considerably lower than what you spend today on bottle water. Our prices include all service, maintenance, filters and labor. Basically, it's hassle free, unlimited amounts of pure, filtered, fresh water on demand! This is a great replacement for Buffalo NY water coolers in the home or office!  

TW Pure Water helps your business minimize exposure to worker's compensation claims because no one in your office will ever have to change that forty-two pound five gallon water bottle ever again. All safety issues associated with changing water bottles on water coolers will be eliminated. You will never have to worry about ever running out of water or going over budget. In high security areas you will never worry about deliveries twice a month or even once a week. Think of all the space you can save by eliminating the empty or full plastic bottles.

TW Pure Water systems can even be professionally installed in a common area such as a lobby or waiting room. Our modern, professional designs are a perfect fit to any office or home décor. Since TW Pure Water doesn't charge by the gallon you can provide fresh, filtered water for all patients, customers and employees!

water-droplitShowroom: 12229 Rt. 16, Chaffee, NY 14030
Mailing: P.O. Box 130, Yorkshire, NY 14173

water-droplitPhone: 716-496-5165
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